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Please note that all our Associates are Members of the Association of Defence Lawyers of Montreal (AADM) and of the Association of Defence Lawyers of Quebec (AQAAD).



Giuseppe Battista is experienced in the fields of criminal, penal and disciplinary law. He has appeared before the tribunals of Quebec and in the Supreme Court of Canada. He practiced at the Criminal Division of the Legal Aid Office in Montreal from 1986 to 1990. He has since been in private practice.


He has taught at Bar School and has been a speaker at numerous conferences. He has been commission counsel for the Poitras Commission and the Oliphant Commission and lead prosecutor of the Bastarache Commission.


​He sat on the executive of the Montreal Defence Lawyers Association for several years and was a member of the Criminal Law Committee of the Quebec Bar for over 20 years and served as its president for several years.

 Distinctions :

  • ​Awarded distinction by the Montreal Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in the Matter of R. v. Daviault – 1995

  • Awarded distinction with other counsel by the Montreal Criminal Defense Lawyers Association in the Matter of Maranda - 1998

  • Fellow – American College of Trial Lawyers

  • Léo-René-Maranda award from the Montreal Defence Lawyers Association 2012

  • Honored by the Association des juristes italo-canadiens du Québec – 2015

  • Antonio-Lamer award from the Association québécoise des avocats et avocates de la défense – 2022

  • Robert-Sacchitelle award with other counsel from the Montreal Criminal Defense Lawyers Association 



After having competed at a high level in mogul skiing, Jacklin Turcot went to the University of Sherbrook where he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Law, specializing in criminal law and then went to bar school.  He did his stage at the Provincial parole board and then became a member of the Quebec Bar in 2003. He then started his career focused exclusively on criminal law.

Since then, he has been in court on a daily basis and has acquired a solid experience pleading cases in all sorts of criminal cases.  He pleaded his first solo trial before a jury at age 25 and won the case.  He has given numerous conferences at the University of Montreal and elsewhere.  Also, he is course lecturer in criminal law at the University of Montreal since the Fall 2018.He joined Shadley Battista in 2007 before founding, with others, Battista Turcot Israel Corbo in 2016.



Robert Israel practices criminal and penal law before all levels of courts throughout Quebec. After working one summer at the law firm Sidley Austin in New York City and then completing his articling at McCarthy Tétrault in Montreal, he became a member of the Barreau du Québec in 2007, and immediately joined the law firm Shadley Battista.

During his law studies at McGill University, which he completed in 2006, Mr. Israel was an academic clerk to the Honourable Joseph Nuss of the Quebec Court of Appeal. He helped create Innocence McGill, a student-led project dedicated to investigating claims of wrongful conviction in Quebec. He was the project’s first director and is currently one of its legal advisors. He is also a course lecturer in criminal law at the Faculty of Law at McGill.
Mr. Israel sits on the Trajectory Justice – Mental Health committee at the Court of Quebec, Montreal division. In 2018, he was awarded the Prix Gabriel Lapointe by the Montreal Defence Lawyers Association for his legal and social contributions.



Having obtained degrees in both arts and in science from the University of Montreal, Ronald Prégent worked for many years in communications. After further obtaining a law degree from UQAM, he became a member of the Barreau du Québec in 1994.


Since that time he has practiced essentially in the domains of criminal, disciplinary and extradition law. His practice is focused primarily on legal research and the drafting of opinions, motions and appeals.



Having completed her Bachelor of Law at the University of Montreal in 2016, during which she won the Harry Bratshaw and Goldenberg Awards for Excellence in Libertés Publiques, Me Juillet completed Bar School in the fall of 2016. During her university studies, she confirmed her interest in criminal law by involving herself as a student-mentor during Juripop's annual moot court competition for two consecutive years.

She worked at Battista Turcot Israel as a student in the summer of 2016 and has thenceforth made her way into the firm. In January 2017, she began her law internship, which she completed in July 2017. Since then, she has practiced criminal and penal law as a lawyer, both in first instance cases and in appeal. 

She also continues to volunteer with the Juripop organization by offering free legal consultations and as a lawyer-mento with the annual moot court competition. Since summer 2020, she has been sitting on the Comité de Direction of l’Association des Avocates et Avocats de la Défense (AADM) as an advisor. During her mandate, she created an Ad Hoc Committee on the handling of cases relating to sexual matters.



Admitted to the Quebec Bar in 2012, Jessy Héroux graduated from the Faculty of Law at University Laval. He joined BTIC Lawyers after having practiced in a large law firm in the areas of commercial litigation, defamation and media law, competition law and penal law relating to business. Jessy now concentrates his practice on all aspects of criminal law, penal and disciplinary law, including their constitutional aspects, and represents both individuals, businesses and institutions with simple and complex litigations against the State.


Jessy has a solid experience in appeal matters. He has been involved in regulatory investigations, including, namely, with the authorities that regulate the financial markets. He also represents associations and organizations that seek to have their members’ voices heard in the context of litigations before first instance and appeals courts, where questions concerning them or touching their interests are being debated.


During his career, Jessy was a clerk to the Honourable Suzanne Côté at the Supreme Court of Canada. He also assisted the Honourable François Doyon at the Court of Appeal of Québec. Passionate about public speaking, he participated in the prestigious Sherbrooke Seminar in Pleading Techniques.


Before studying law, Jessy studied theatre in Québec. He is involved in different philanthropic cultural projects, is a young governor of the Fondation du Barreau du Québec and member of the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.



Julie Bianco managed Shadley Battista from 1997 to 2016, before joining our team.


Her capacities of management and her thorough knowledge of the wheels of a lawyer's office make her a key element in the smooth running of our office.

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